NEWSLETTERWaterfront Miami Beach March 15, 2023

Miami is the property hotspot of the world for superyacht owners


The yachting community descended on Miami for the annual Miami Boat International Show last month (15-19 February)

With favourable tax rates, a warm climate and a stunning portfolio of waterfront properties, Miami has become one of the most sought-after destinations for superprime property in the world.

“It all started with Covid,”  “Many Americans left the major cities and fled down to Florida and Miami for a break from city life and an ultimate change in lifestyle. People who were working from home didn’t want to be cooped up without any outdoor space in the middle of the city.”

This trend continued after the pandemic with Florida’s lack of individual income tax proving to be a serious draw for wealthy American and international purchasers. “There’s been a huge migration of wealth across America,”

In 2022, Miami recorded the highest level of capital value growth, at 25.4 per cent,


Superyacht allure

The Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale boat shows prove that there is no shortage of yachting interest in Southern Florida and this is also translated into property values. “People that live in Miami want to live on the water, it’s a huge part of the lifestyle,”



“We’re seeing supply come back, but there is still not a huge amount available for the best properties in the world.”

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